Manuka Oil Uses

What are Manuka Oil Uses? 

Many people know that Manuka Honey has many health properties like preventing infections, healing wound, impoving immunity system, boosting energy, etc. But few people know that Manuka oil has similar benefits as well.

What's manuka essentail oil? 

Manuka honey and Manuka essential oil come from the same native shrub Leptospermum scoparium which is called Manuka as well, but they are completely different substances.  

Manuka Essential Oil Uses

It's shown Manuka Essential Oil has many uses as skincare products, 

      • Relax and soothe tired muscles by adding few drops to warm bath water
      • Keep smooth skin to add to your skincare products 
      • Used in room diffusers to protect against germ


Manuka oil price

You can find there's a big difference from different suppliers in market. Why? If you go back to have another look, you will find some manuka oil mixed with some other ingredients. Normally 100% pure Manuka oil costs about $40/10ml.