Onuku Native Tree Honey

Following some long term market research and testing of non Manuka New Zealand Honeys our Native Tree Honey is ready to go to market now.

New Zealand local honey


  • Why Onuku developed the Native Tree Honey Brand ?

Native Tree Honey celebrates the diverse and outstanding natural environment that is home to our native honeys. Apart from being exceptional honeys in their own rights, honey means many things to people. It’s a nutricious , a natural sweetner, a concentrated energy source and an ancient maori remedy for health and healing. It is also an active ingredient in beauty and skin care products and the subject of medical research.


So...Onuku Native Tree Honey wants to tell the story of the range of other New Zealand honey’s which is much broader than Manuka and it captures the essence of what makes our honey stand out on the world stage.


  • Why us ?

Being a local 100% Maori owned Brand and having a mission of supplying only pure honey, we have strict quality control standards in place to ensure our customers get the real stuff.

We also have access to good quantities of multifloral and native monofloral honeys via our beekeeping partners  and wish to share these honeys with our international buyers and consumers.