100% East Cape New Zealand Mānuka Oil 10ml with ß-Triketones 25+  (NZ GST not included)


100% East Cape New Zealand Mānuka Oil 10ml with ß-Triketones 25+ (NZ GST not included)

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Harvested from the first place in the world to see the sun, East Cape. Onuku’s 100% Mānuka Oil is truly motuhake (special).  The high UV readings here are higher than anywhere else in the world which makes the flora and fauna on the East Cape produce greater volumes of “sunscreen chemicals”. This includes polyphenols in mānuka flowers and ß-triketones in mānuka oil. 


Onuku’s 100% Mānuka Oil is extracted via steam distillation from the leaves and flowers of the Mānuka tree. Steam distillation is where the steam is passed through the foliage, the steam is then condensed and the oil floats on top of the condensed water from where it is drawn off. Mānuka however does not give its volatile oil easily, requiring a longer distillation time to unlock it from the plant. Less than 1% of the foliage is captured as mānuka oil making the resulting oil “tino taonga” (treasured).

Benefits of Mauka Oil

Mānuka oil from the East Cape of New Zealand has been proven by the Cawthron Institute of New Zealand  to be 20-30 times more effective against gram positive bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureus (staph) and Streptococcus pyogenes (strep) than Australian tea tree oil. It’s the Mānuka ß-triketones that are a class of naturally occurring organic chemical compound found by distillation of the foliage of the Mānuka tree that gives the oil its remarkably high antimicrobial properties.

Uses of Manuka Oil

Onuku Mānuka Oil has a strong herbal aroma and is a pale yellow viscous liquid. This “painga” (beneficial) oil is used in:

  • Aromatherapy
  •  Cosmetics
  • Critical Care Environments

We recommend for topical use Mānuka Oil should be diluted in a 3-5% solution—just one drop of Mānuka Oil per 1 ml of carrier oil eg. jojoba, rosehip, or coconut oil.

Storage – To prevent oxidation, Mānuka Oil is bottled in an amber glass bottle and is stored in a cool dry place away from heat and light.

Shelf life – Recommended up to 3 years.

Repiratory or Skin Sensitisation  – Skin, may cause an allergic skin reaction.

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