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100% New Zealand Native Tree Honey 250g (NZ tax not included)

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100% New Zealand Native Tree Honey 250g from Onuku Honey based in Whakatane,New Zealand.


The Local Honey from NZ

Native Tree Honey is made from the nectar of flowering trees which can be found only in New Zealand. It is a high-quality, healthful honey rich in minerals and low in moisture. Three flowers grace the proud label of Native Tree Honey: manuka, pohutukawa, and rewarewa.

Pure honey benefits:

As a mixture of three types of honey, Our Native Tree honey contains properties from all these different honey. Some people eat honey everyday, they know it's good to support health and wellbeing. If you're interested, try some medicinal uses of honey shown below: 


Haven't been sick since I started taking this one over a year ago. Great Taste, High Quality.

Susan Haisley

Tried many other brands, but Onuku Honey had the best taste. Recommended 👍

Renee Wong