100% New Zealand Rewarewa Honey 500g - Onuku Honey NZ
100% New Zealand Rewarewa Honey 250g & 500g (NZ tax not included)


100% New Zealand Rewarewa Honey 250g & 500g (NZ tax not included)

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100% New Zealand Rewarewa Honey 500g from Onuku Honey based in Whakatane,New Zealand.

New Zealand Rewarewa Honey

Rewarewa honey

Rewarewa was called New Zealand honeysuckle by early European settlers, but it's changed back to Rewarewa - a unique Maori name to distinguish its culture from others. Rewarewa is an evergreen tree that only can be seen widely in New Zealand's north island. 

Base in Bay of Plenty, the north island of New Zealand, it's quite easier for us to access to premium Rewerewa honey source. 

Rewarewa Honey Benefits

Like Manuka honey, Rewarewa honey has remarkable health properties with natural antioxidant, which can help to support your health and well-being. If you have some Rewarewa honey on hand, try following ways: 

  • Used as cooking ingredients 
  • Used for your bakery instead of table sugar
  •  Add to your tea, drins 

Rewarewa, clover, manuka honey


Haven't been sick since I started taking this one over a year ago. Great Taste, High Quality.

Susan Haisley

Tried many other brands, but Onuku Honey had the best taste. Recommended 👍

Renee Wong